Investing in bright ideas


My own story is one of journeying from recovery to renewed inspiration. Through extreme adversity and beyond, I’ve conquered self-doubt and moved into a place of making my ideas and goals a tangible reality. And I’d love to show you how to do this, too. But here are just a few of the projects and innovations I’m now involved with.


Throughout most of my own physical recovery process, after a back injury, failed surgery and serious infection, I used Cold Therapy each morning. This involved taking extremely cold showers. But I found that conventional showers just couldn’t reach the super-low temperatures required. So, I decided to solve that problem. Subsequently, I designed and built my own shower head – CRYOSHOWER. This is now being launched worldwide to help change the lives of millions of people who are looking for effective recuperation.


With health and wellbeing very much at the top of my own personal agenda, I helped to establish an exciting new catering project on the south coast of England. HEALTH STATION is all about providing the freshest, most nutritious food to busy people. Not only is HEALTH STATION a restaurant, but it is being rolled out as a food delivery option to bring the healthiest food to busy workplaces.


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On top of leading innovations and new businesses, I continue to build my own property portfolio, investing in lucrative buy-to-let properties in key locations.


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