Goals setting and changing your paradigm to achieve your goals

How do we really, live that life we dream about so much? By living according to the definite purpose and broken into goals. Clearly written down plans with a timeline is a common misconception that everyone has goals in life. That’s not true, and there are thousands or millions of people that are still seeking for reasons to why they exist. You would want to agree with me that one of the biggest identity crisis is the question of “what is my purpose in life?”. To help break or change our paradigms to achieve set goals, we need first to find a reason to why we exist, and we need to seek purpose.

What is your purpose?

The purpose is simply the reason for an action or a decision. Finding your goal is not something you, and it is something you build with constant dedication and commitment. The purpose is not discovered in a day or achieved in a moment, and it is improved continuously. Mark Twain said, The two most important days in one’s life, are the days one is born and the day he finds out why which means a man can only truly start living when his purpose has been discovered. Goals or goal setting is a critical parameter that will help you to remain on the path to a definite purpose.

What are paradigms?

Paradigm controls all that we do. We act the way we do because of our paradigms, I want to be in control of what I do, and I’m guessing you do too. Let’s break our break the terror barrier limiting our positive and productive paradigms. Changing your long-term behavior and reaching those goals, often requires a paradigm shift; which is often not easy to break, it takes dedicated intent. To break unhelpful paradigms, we must set goals, to achieve our goals, we must change our paradigms. Interestingly, the process of changing/breaking of paradigms and setting goals is like killing two birds with one stone. Goals are an effective aid to accurately pinpoint your next steps, track progress, analyze your direction, and also helps to fix paradigms.

How to change your paradigms to achieve your set goals?

Setting goals that are bigger and in line with your dreams and desires helps to break your paradigms and places you in the right frequencies.

You are achieving your goals and dreams by creating the image first in your mind. Consciously take time to think about your purpose in life. To change your paradigms requires self-discipline, willingness, and will to sacrifice the time without monies insight. If you have successfully internalized your dreams, feel it, and paint it. Focus your attention to enhance creative tension. Create a clear the picture in your mind, mixed with discipline, believe and faith to change the paradigms in your subconscious. When you transfer energy to this goal, and they create ideas that alter your actions, which in turn effectively break and change your old paradigms. Being intentional with goal setting helps to stay present at the moment, lead a valuable life, while you enjoy the journey to achieving a purpose. 

Keep doing; don’t stop!

The journey to success is continuous; Earl Nightingale said, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” Success is continuous, goal setting is perpetual, and definite purpose is constant. To remain on the path to a definite purpose, effectively achieving set goals, you must be willing to change old paradigms to achieve newer goals continually. Now that you have found out how to improve and change our paradigms and meet our definite purpose in life, and to live our dreams and goals, start living as you are living that life you dream of, feel how good it makes you feel living that dream of yours. Cheers!